Kristina Hrafnhildur Plasgård
is a swedish/icelandic with artist atelier in Pukeberg's glassworks.

Instagram @kristinahrafnhildurplasgard

At Monica Strandberg Gallery, 2019. 

About my work

My artistic practice is based in my atelier in Pukebergs glassworks, Sweden. In my paintings I use oil and acrylic colours combined with silkscreening. Silkscreening is a printing technique mostly used in textile and wallpaper design to make repetitive patterns. This technique has been a way for me to build up my paintings as collages. I am interested in what can be combined in a painting. The various repetitive silkscreen patterns, which are not always matchning, enables me to create depth and perspective. 
  Most of my work departs from one colour or a certain set of colours. It creates a frame of colour combinations which I then can work within. The paintings Yellow and Red, white and brown are examples of this. Yellow was a work process only focused on how yellow interact with other colours. My sketching is mostly in aquarelle where I look for new combinations. You can see more of sketches and work processes on my instagram account - @kristinahrafnhildurplasgard

Solo exhibitions

2019 - (7/9 - 22/9)
Monica Strandberg Gallery, Kalmar
- paintings "Agnes and Birgitta", "Birgitta and Agnes", "Cerise and green", "Orchid and patterns", "Little blue and passionflower", "Hollyhocks and tree mallow" and graphic prints. 

Group exhibitions                                    

2020 - (30/5 - 9/8)
Landskrona Konsthall, Landskrona
- painting "Birgitta and Agnes"

2018 - (Jan. - April)
Liljevalchs Spring Saloon, Liljevalchs Gallery, Stockholm
- painting "Yellow"

2014 - 2020
Kalmar Concert Hall, Kalmar 
- paintings "Trumpeter and Saxophonist", "Jazz ensemble", "Drummer"

2016 (June - Aug.)
Oldergaarden Gallery, Öland
- graphic prints

2016 (June - Aug.)
Villa Lavendel, Öland
- graphic prints

Kaffistofa Gallery, Reykjavik
- sculpture "Sun"

Kumla Library, Kumla
- painting "Jazz ensemble", "Drummer"

Represented at
Konstnärscentrum Öst

Nybro Kommun
- painting "Little Blue and passionflower"

2014 - 2015 The Icelandic Academy of Arts, Reykjavik - Bachelor's program in fine arts

2013 - 2014 Kävesta Folkhögskola, Örebro - Art and Design program

(Born in 1992).